Spring Family Photoshoots

The Ashridge Estate is beautiful at anytime of year. It really comes into its own in the spring. I love family photoshoots at Ashridge in the spring because there are so many beautiful locations to explore. The Ashridge Estate is particular known for its beautiful bluebells in the spring, and they appear in their thousands. Dockey Wood is the most famous area because of the sheer number of bluebells in a small area. Read More

Preparing for your family photoshoot

Have you booked your family photoshoot? Not sure what to do now? Read on for 5 things to prepare before your family photoshoot. Read More

What To Wear For A Bluebell Photoshoot

Bluebell season is nearly here! Bluebell photoshoots in Ashridge Estate are booking now, visit the website to book your bluebell photoshoot today. Dockey Woods and other locations around the Ashridge Estate are going to look stunning covered in a carpet of bluebells. Now you’ve got your session booked, maybe you are wondering what to wear? Read on for my hints and tips. Read More

The Importance of Printing Your Images

Prints used to be the only way we had of viewing our images. We’d send our images off to be developed. A few days later they would arrive through the post. We no longer print every photo, printing now is about quality rather than quantity. That magical feeling of holding a photograph in your hands still exists, and seeing your photo framed on your wall evokes a stronger emotion.Read More