Have you booked your family photoshoot? Not sure what to do now? Read on for 5 things to prepare before your family photoshoot. 

  1. Choose Your Clothing Carefully

Remember to set aside some time in advance of your photoshoot to plan out what you are going to wear. Have a look on Pinterest for ideas if you’re not sure what style you fancy. Some families choose to come in their favourite day to day outfits, some choose to look a little smarter than normal . 

Think about co-ordinating your outfits rather than all wearing the same. Consider dressing in shades of the same colour, or complimentary colours. Perhaps pick one main colour, and have each member of your family wear something in that colour – a top, a hat, scarf or cardigan. Each can be in a different shade of your chosen colour. Avoid clothes with strong or loud patterns and logos, these can be distracting in an image. Try and stick to solid colours and simple designs. Small amounts texture, such as a frill, a chunky jumper or a denim jacket, can work well. 

Make sure you wear clothes that fit, including any new clothes. If you’re squeezing into an outfit, if it rides up or down or if it shows underwear lines then don’t wear it. These things show up in photographs. Pick clothes that suit your style. If you feel comfortable then you’ll look comfortable. Dress your kids in the clothes they love – whether thats a dress to spin and twirl in the forest or their favourite jeans for an adventure in the forest. We want them to be happy during the session. 

When picking your images, think about where you will be displaying your images. If you plan to put some on the wall in your lounge which in grey with a yellow accent, then think about including some yellow in your outfits. With some clever dressing there is still plenty of time to get some different looks in your images. Using layers for example of a bright t-shirt with a neutral jumper over the top. This makes it easy to change between the two. Adding or removing coats, hats and other accessories can also help add variety. 

Lay the outfits out together a week or two before the shoot and see how they look. This way you still have time to change some bits if you’re not happy with the result. 

  1. Get ready early 

Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get ready before the photoshoot. Make sure everyone showers, and does hair and make up, well ahead of time. Aim to leave the house maybe 30 minutes early, so you have time to run back into the house to get whatever you have forgotten. It then doesn’t matter if you get caught up in a little traffic, you still arrive feeling calm. 

Arriving flustered and late often sets the tone for you feeling rushed and disorganised during your photoshoot. We want you happy and relaxed so plan to get ready early. 

  1. Be well rested and well fed.

Try and schedule your family photoshoot around everyone’s nap time. While the best light for photography is normally found just after sunrise and before sunset, if that doesn’t work for you then let’s find a time that does. Know one of you has got a big night out planned? Let’s avoid scheduling a photoshoot early the next day. Tired children (and adults!) rarely make for happy photos. 

Hangry does not make for good photographs. Even if you are going for dinner after the family shoot then make sure everyone has had a good snack before hand. If you need to bring snacks for children (or you!) to have during the session that’s absolutely fine, just think about choosing snacks that won’t make a mess of their clothes. 

  1. Prepare your children

This one depends on the age of the children. As your children get older you can involve them more and more – choosing where you go and what you do on your family photoshoot, helping pick out the outfits etc. With some children you may want to arrive at the shoot location before our meeting time, so they can have a run around and burn off any excess energy. 

You also need to think about what toys your children have with them at the shoot, or what toys they can see if we are at your house. Children normally want to play with what they can see, so if you don’t want it in the shoot don’t bring it with you. On the other hand, a more cautious child may benefit from having a favourite toy, and seeing a few photos of bunny can help a nervous child want to get involved. 

  1. Let your child smile naturally!

This is a big one. You know what makes your child laugh, which is brilliant, and I’ll certainly be relying on that knowledge during the photoshoot. But resist the urge to say things like ‘don’t smile like that, give me your real smile’. The best way to get a real smile is to actually make them laugh. So focus on being silly, even pulling silly faces – the smiles that follow these are the natural ones. 

Your kids will also pick up on your mood. Try and relax and enjoy the experience, and even have some fun! 

Your Family Photoshoot

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