Prints used to be the only way we had of viewing our images. We’d send our images off to be developed. A few days later they would arrive through the post. We no longer print every photo, printing now is about quality rather than quantity. That magical feeling of holding a photograph in your hands still exists, and seeing your photo framed on your wall evokes a stronger emotion.

A print is the finished product. As a society, we now take more photos that ever before. Few photos however make the transition from the digital screen to being an actual physical print.No matter how good our technology is, nothing beats the feeling of holding a physical print in your hands, of seeing your image framed on your wall. 

New – Gallery Wall Collections

I’m delighted to now offer photo frames as an optional extra for all photo sessions. Whether you are looking for a single image, a multi-aperture frame or a gallery wall, printing your photos will help bring any room to life. All frames are hand made and customised for your needs. 

Printed photos are accessible. By framing them and hanging them on our walls we can enjoy them daily. Our memories become tangible through printing. It reminds us of where we’ve been and the moments cherished during that time. Just looking at an image can take you back to that moment, and help us remember our children’s little hands and that chubby face.

Displaying images is important for our children too. Seeing themselves on the wall reinforces their importance as a treasured member of the family.  Kids can look closely at printed images. They don’t need to go hunting though our phones or files on the computer in order to find a photo. 

Be part of the generation that takes trillions of photos. But pick a few and print them, and do it right. Mount them. Frame them. Display them. Take pride in your images. 

More Details

To discuss ordering images from your photoshoot please get in touch. Please visit the website for more details of family or wedding photography in Berkhamsted.