Bluebell season is nearly here! Bluebell photoshoots in Ashridge Estate are booking now, visit the website to book your bluebell photoshoot today. Dockey Woods and other locations around the Ashridge Estate are going to look stunning covered in a carpet of bluebells. Now you’ve got your session booked, maybe you are wondering what to wear? Read on for my hints and tips. 

What to wear for a bluebell photoshoot is, of course, not an exact science. People have very different tastes. Remember it’s your photoshoot and ultimately you need to choose what makes you happy. 

What Colours To Wear For A Bluebell Photoshoot

Strong greens and purples will provide the backdrop to your bluebell photoshoot in the Ashridge Estate. Natural tones and soft hues are a good place to start when looking for outfits to wear. Creams, shades of blue and pastel shades look lovely with the tones of the bluebells and the surrounding forest. 

Avoid clothes with strong or loud patterns and logos. They can be distracting in an image. Stick to solid colours and simple designs. Some texture, however, can work well. Think about a little frill, a scarf, a chunky jumper or perhaps a denim jacket. 

If you are a family group think about co-ordinating your outfits rather than matching. Think about dressing in shades of the same colour, or complimentary colours. Perhaps pick one main colour, and have each member of your family wear something in that colour – perhaps a top, hat, scarf or cardigan, each in a different shade of your colour. Whether you dress in casual clothes or smart attire is a personal preference, and one that reflects your family’s style. Lay the outfits out together a week or two before the shoot and see how they look. Make sure the clothes all fit well in advance of the session. 

Finally, when picking your images, think about where you will be displaying your images. If you plan to put some on the wall in your lounge which in grey with a yellow accent, then consider including some yellow in your outfits.  

Remember Comfort & Practicality

Firstly, wear clothes that fit. If you’re squeezing into a outfit, if it rides up or down or if it shows underwear lines then don’t wear it. These things show up in photographs. Pick clothes that suit your style. If you feel comfortable then you’ll look comfortable. Dress your kids in the clothes they love – whether thats a dress to spin and twirl in the forest or their favourite jeans for an adventure in the forest. We want them to be happy during the session. 

April and May can bring weeks of glorious sunshine, but can often be colder than you think. No-one enjoys being photographed when they are cold, especially children. It can be dark and cool inside the woods, especially early in the morning, so make sure everyone has an extra layer to wear if needed. Be careful not to make your children or yourselves look too bulky – we want to see the size of their little legs and arms!

If you are able to we will ask that you get low to the ground near the bluebells for some of the photos. This may involve sitting on the ground or on tree trunks, therefore its worth wearing something that allows freedom of movement. Even if you are sitting on a blanket it is unlikely you will be able to avoid the mud completely, so only wear outfits you don’t mind getting a little dirty.

After rain the ground may be muddy. You will have a short walk from your car to the bluebells. It’s worth thinking about wearing walking shoes or wellies for the walk. You can change your footwear later if you don’t want these in the photos. If the weather is dry, bare feet can look lovely in photos. 

If you are bringing small children, you may want to pack a special teddy or toy. They can help you children relax and enjoy the photoshoot, and they are quite welcome to be in some bluebell photos as well! 

Introduce Some Variety

Bluebell mini sessions last 30 minutes. With some clever dressing this is still plenty of time to get some different looks in your images. Using layers for example of a bright t-shirt with a neutral jumper over the top. This makes it easy to change between the two. Adding or removing coats, hats and other accessories can also help add variety. 


So, now you know what to wear for a bluebell photoshoot. Remember, if you’ve not you booked your bluebell photography session yet you can do so here. 


If you are interested in learning more about how to take photos in the bluebells, Iearn more about bluebell photography workshops at the Ashridge Estate.

Finally, please remember bluebells are a very special and delicate flower. Whether you are having a professional photoshoot, or heading out with your phone for a few snaps please remember to stick to the pathway and avoid damaging any bluebells.